What are your hours of operation?

We are opened Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm. We close for lunch from 11:45am to 1:00pm. We are also opened on Saturdays from 8 am to 12:30 pm. We close for all major holidays.

What types of materials do we accept?

Aluminum-all grades Aluminum Cans Appliances – Remove compressor or certify that all CFCs have been removed
Automobiles (See SC laws) Ballasts – non-PCB Batteries-Lead Acid
Brass Catalytic converters Chain Link Fencing – Call or email for specifications
Compressors Copper Electric Motors
Engines Heater cores Insulated electrical wiring
Iron Lead Radiators
Small propane tanks – valves MUST BE removed and tank cut in half Stainless steel Starters/Alternators
Steel Steel Cans Transmissions
Wheels (aluminum and steel) And other metals – Call or email


Items We DO NOT Accept:

Any Hazardous Metal Cemetery Markers and Vases
(call for exemptions)
Closed containers used for storing
Concrete or porcelain Flammable materials Kegs
Tires Manholes/Grates/Fire Hydrants (Government Contractors exempt) Paint cans
Radioactive materials Railroad Iron Shopping Carts
(call for exemptions)
Televisions and computer monitors Trash (glass, paper,


What are necessary steps for preparing metals for recycling?

  a. Remove compressors from all appliances (will buy compressors) or certify all the CFC’s have been removed
  b. Oxygen tanks – remove valve, cut in half
  c. Drums/Containers must be completely cleaned/no evidence of residue
  d. Call for additional information-803-786-9888 ext 0


Do you have a price list?

  a. We do not provide price lists due to price changes which are based on market conditions.
  b. Please call 803-786-9888 ext. 0 for current pricing.


What do I need to sell scrap metal?

  a. In order to sell steel or aluminum cans, you must provide a photo ID with address.
  b. South Carolina has specific laws mandating the sale of non-ferrous metals. (See SC metal laws)


Do you buy automobiles?

  a. Yes.
    i. We require that the gas tank be removed or cut 3 large openings evenly spaced in the tank to assure no fluids remain.
    ii. Remove battery. We will buy the battery separately provided you have a non-ferrous metal permit.
    iii. See SC Metals Recycling laws for necessary documentation to sell a vehicle.

Do you buy gas tanks?

  a. Yes, we will buy the tank associated with vehicle you are recycling.
    i. Must be cut in half lengthwise.